Employee Training

This training is for companies or groups that want to improve the overall communication skills of their employees. Training can be made to fit the company’s needs and timetable.

Virtual Class

It’s a kind of online workshop with a maximum duration of 3 hours that discusses light themes as well as what’s happening in the digital marketing and public relations industries. This virtual class can be joined by both workers and members of the public.

Personal Tutoring

Personal Tutoring is designed to be “one-on-one,” with teaching methods that can be adjusted based on the needs of the participants, such as personal assessment, in-depth discussion, and coaching. This program also offers flexibility in time and place.

Muda Training

It’s a youth training program for 19–24-year-olds, especially college students. The program attempts to reignite their interest in learning and encourage future planning in communications industries.


The training program held by Kanaka Academy, with a duration of three months, addresses specific and in-depth themes.