About Us


Kanaka’s name comes from the words “gold” in Sanskrit and “human being” in Hawaiian. This means that we are all on a journey to learn, grow, and change in order to find our own “gold”.

Kanaka is part of Kalandara Group, a learning platform that delivers in-demand public relations and digital marketing courses. We are professionals and experts in communication who have worked in consulting and at agencies since 2016.

We invite you to share and teach your expertise and be the best by learning from the best.

The Founders

Farah Dilla Syofiana

Her expertise spans more than 13 years in public relations, media strategy, digital marketing campaigns, and all kinds of event management. She had such a strong interest in communication and a strong network in the field that she was driven to start her own digital agency to help the local PR industry in Indonesia, which was full of foreign PR companies.

Dewi Irma Kusvianty

She is a seasoned practitioner and professional in the field of digital marketing; at this moment, she is owning a digital agency based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She graduated from Padjajaran University and has had extensive experience in the worlds of media, communication, and digital as a journalist, editor, and consultant since 2005.

Meet The Team

Gumilar Rachdityo Mumpuni is a General Manager of Operation that has an experiences in PR, Marketing Communication and Media Relation since 2008. She is in charge of setting important performance goals and managing employees at Kalandara Group, as well as developing and implementing a business growth strategy and ensuring that divisions or units provide excellent services. She is also overseeing large projects and interpreting performance reports, managing the budget, and monitoring the financial health of a business unit.

Hanum Fauzia is a Project Coordinator that has been working as a content marketer and social media strategist for more than 6 years and has experience guiding the learning journey of university students who aspire to work in social media upon graduation through social media management mentoring and providing assessment for student social media projects.